Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad - Nagarjuna Sagar - Ettipothala Water Falls - Hyderabad

Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Sagar, A dream destination for perfect relaxation, Nagarjuna Sagar is a massive Irrigation Project on River Krishna, located at about 150 Km from Hyderabad. Nagarjuna Sagar is one of the best and nearest weekend getaways from Hyderabad. The region has a rich and interesting past. It was a valley with civilizations back to thousands of years. Archeologists assert that the fertile Krishna Valley hummed with life in the third millennium BC. The tallest masonry dam in the world at Nagarjuna Sagar, was completed in 1966 which is 124 metres high and created a large lake. The valley was the site of an ancient Buddhist civilization and is named after the Buddhist sain Acharya Nagarjuna. It is considered as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh.

Nagarjuna Konda, The exotic island of Nagarjuna Konda emerged out of the artificial lake which was formed after construction of the Nagarjunasagar Dam. There is a Buddhist museum situated at Nagarjuna Konda, which houses a number of precious artifacts. Buddhist relics and structures discovered in excavations in the valley before it was submerged. These remains date back to the 3rd century A.D., and represent all cultural periods through which the valley passed. Carved limestone slabs, inscriptions and sculpture bring out the mastery of the Satavahanas and the Ikshavakus when Buddhism flourished in the valley. The themes are mainly from episodes involving the Buddha, but the outstanding examples of the sculpture of that age is the life-like depiction of the 'Enlightened One' standing in a striking pose of eternal peace. A model of the submerged valley, displayed in one of the museum galleries, transports one to another age. A Buddhist amphitheater which has been meticulously relocated, can be seen in Anupu, 4km from Nagarjuna Konda, Nagarjuna Sagar.

Ettipothala Water Falls

Located about 22km east of Nagarjuna konda, Nagarjuna Sagar dam are the Ethipothala waterfalls, set in a lush green valley. These beautiful and refreshing waterfalls, about 60 meters high, originate from the Chandravanka river. The Chandravanka cascades here from a height of 21.3 meters in a lagoon, and flows on through the verdant valley much frequented by tourists. The Ettipothala waterfalls are radiant sight of the power and beauty of the nature. There are also some cave temples in the area, worshiped by the local people. Ethipothala is a picturesque and impressive picnic spot. The waterfalls are illuminated in the evenings with dynamic lighting, which is an awesome sight to behold.