Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad - Nagarjuna Sagar - Srisailam - Hyderabad

Approximate Distances from Hyderabad to Nagarjuna Sagar to Srisailam to Hyderabad

Hyderabad to Nagarjuna Sagar - 150 kms

Nagarjuna Sagar to Srisailam - 200 Kms

Srisailam to Hyderabad - 235 kms

Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Sagar, A dream destination for perfect relaxation, Nagarjuna Sagar is a massive Irrigation Project on River Krishna, located at about 150 Km from Hyderabad. Nagarjuna Sagar is one of the best and nearest weekend getaways from Hyderabad. The region has a rich and interesting past. It was a valley with civilizations back to thousands of years. Archeologists assert that the fertile Krishna Valley hummed with life in the third millennium BC. The tallest masonry dam in the world at Nagarjuna Sagar, was completed in 1966 which is 124 metres high and created a large lake. The valley was the site of an ancient Buddhist civilization and is named after the Buddhist sain Acharya Nagarjuna. It is considered as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh.


Srisailam amidst the thick forests of the Nallamalai ranges of hills, lies one of the most famous temples in South India, the Bramaramba Mallikarjuna Swamy temple at Srisailam. On the Rishabgiri Hills (Srisailam)to the south bank of River Krishna is the temple housing the one of the 12 'Jyothirlingas' in the country. Srisailam is also the venue of an engineering marvel in the form of a hydro/electric project across the river Krishna and the Reservoir created houses crocodiles. S risailam is located 235 km from Hyderabad. An Aerial Ropeway is operating at Patalaganga Ghat of Srisailam for the convenience of piligrims visiting the ghat or getting to the boating jetty. Srisailam is one of the best pilgrim weekend getaways from Hyderabad.